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Vaillant Ecotec Plus Condensing Combi Boiler

Becoming ever more popular in recent years, a lot of people are now asking for combination boilers to supply their heating and hot water needs.  Some installers only want to fit combi's and therefore 'push' these onto potential customers without explaining all the facts.  We want to fit what is most suitable for your circumstances.  Combi's are not suitable for all installations.  Even the manufacturers admit this!


If you are a high hot water usage family e.g. several children, like having lots of baths rather than showers, or maybe live in a large home with one or more baths plus an en-suite, then a combi is probably not for you.  There are one or two very powerful models on the market that may be able to cope with the high demand, but usually the best advice is to stay with a conventional boiler and hot water system.  If you like plenty of hot water at the same pressure as the water coming out of the cold tap, then your best system would include a mains unvented hot water cylinder such as Heatrae's Megaflo, widely regarded as probably being the best in the industry.


The for's and against's for a combi are generally as follows;


Low running cost (especially condensing models)

Hot tap water only heated as you need it

No space needed for large hot water cylinder

No water tanks in loft

Lower installation cost



No hot water back up if boiler breaks down. (yes, no make is 100% reliable)

Generally only one hot tap can be used at a time

Baths can take longer to run

No heat to radiators whilst hot taps running

No airing cupboard

Cannot cope with large family home demands


Our free survey will guide you as to whether your home / family would be suitable for a combi or not.


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